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Party Entertainment at Villa Venue For Wedding

Every couple certainly hopes that their wedding party is special, and can bring a happy impression to the guests who attend. Of course, the tradition of throwing a wreath is not enough, because you have to equip it with various unique and contemporary entertainment ideas. Here are some entertainment when holding a wedding party at the venue wedding bali.

Unique and contemporary entertainment ideas at the villa wedding venue

1. Fireworks

Who said that a wedding must be held in the morning or at noon? There is nothing wrong with holding a wedding party at night, especially if you are interested in carrying out the concept of an outdoor wedding. While enjoying the sky filled with stars and cool, cool air, you can set off fireworks as a separate entertainment.

The presence of fireworks in the middle of the dark night sky, succeeded in making your wedding party look unique. Besides enjoying the beauty of the colors that the fireworks emit, this entertainment can also be used as a moment to capture these happy moments. Guaranteed the results of wedding photos look stunning and different from the others.

2. Music

Choosing a popular Bali wedding venue called Villa the Surga is one dream, but it will feel empty if you don’t complete it with your choice of music. Thanks to the music, the wedding party can be lively. Apart from enjoying the songs played, invite the guests to participate in contributing some songs.

3. Hold Games

Another great entertainment idea is to play games. Thanks to this entertainment, guests are guaranteed never to feel bored while the wedding is still in progress. Not only children, but even adults are expected to take part in the game so that the party will be even more fun and exciting.

4. Bring in a professional DJ

Only invite the closest relatives or family? It seems like hiring a professional DJ can be the best alternative entertainment. The DJ will play a song that succeeds in making anyone sway when listening to it. With good character, it is guaranteed that all invited guests are swaying to enjoy the wedding party.

5. Caricature painter

Selfie has become a lifestyle for people in the modern world like now. But on several occasions, some people find selfies boring. Therefore, you can bring caricature painters to your wedding party. Of course, this unique entertainment is still rarely found, so invited guests will be interested in trying it.

The caricature can be taken home as another unique souvenir. Not only as a display in the house, but the results of the pictures also provide special memories for the invited guests. Therefore, do not hesitate to call a caricature painter when you book a Bali wedding venue called The Surga

A luxurious wedding cannot guarantee that it will always be remembered, but it will be a different story if you and your partner are able to cultivate a joyful atmosphere. Providing a variety of contemporary entertainment, from bringing in a DJ to lighting fireworks, is one way that can be done so that invited guests don’t feel bored.


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